New Planes - Old Planes

Summer flying often means new airplanes,
Story by Barry Perlus
Summer flying often means new airplanes, and last month Jim Bruno brought out a Cloud Dancer 120 for it’s maiden flight. This beauty was built from plans, with a covering of Koverall and Randolph Dope. Power is provided by a Saitio 120 FS. Jim sent along the following photos:

But new planes sometimes come from old planes, and the month of June also saw the maiden flight of Arlo English’s Bingo, piloted by this author. I purchased Bingo from the benefit sale of Arlo’s collection and re-fitted it with Spektrum 2.4 radio gear. The OS - FS 70 four-stroke ran like a jewel and the plane needed only a few clicks of left aileron to bring it into trim.

Bingo in the pits, June 24th 2009. In the background are Tom Parks and Costa Lambrou.