Summer Wednesdays

News and photos from “Club Nights” at the field
Entry by Barry Perlus
Wednesday June 24th brought clear skies and calm winds - and since the open house the previous weekend had seen poor weather, there were lots of burgers and dogs to grill. The only glitch in the evening’s culinary event was the absence of a spatula. Apparently the one that used to be in the equipment shed went missing. No one was very enthusiastic about using the mower deck scraper to flip burgers and so it looked like the cooks were going to have to brave it with plastic forks and fast moving hands . . . until Dan Stomka appeared walking back from the shed with an old hand saw! Well, in his skilled hands that saw did some fine burger flipping, and for rolling dogs, those little teeth just seemed designed for the job.

Dan demonstrates his technique to hungry spectators Dave Alford and Sean Bonney-Burrill (left).

A little action from the side gets them positioned just right!

But it was also a good night for flying. John Wishart was in the air as was Harry Wilhelm. Harry also brought the engine that Bud Wooley built when he was 19 (that’s about 80 years ago). Harry modernized the thing with a new cylinder head and glow plug, and ran it for us on a bench stand. Gary Schultz, who very recently soloed had his trainer in the air, and Costa Lambrou, a friend of Gary’s son Daniel had a trainer in need of some tuning and adjustment. Tom Parks and Harry Wilhelm pitched in to help with landing gear repairs and some engine tuning and before the sun went down Costa’s plane was in the air! Sean Bonney-Burrill got in some air time with Harry on the trainer. I brought Arlo English’s Bingo out for it’s maiden flight under new ownership - more on that in the next blog.

Wednesday July 1st looked like it wasn’t going to be a field night. Heavy thunderstorms were sweeping through the Ithaca area all day, with a major thunderstorm hitting the town of Ithaca at about 5:30 pm those with common sense decided it wasn’t an evening for an open air meeting. The rest of us being hopeful, or maybe watching the radar maps, saw a chance for a few hours of clear weather and got out to the field for a few flights and a relatively brief meeting. Club President Dave George called the meeting to order and we heard the Treasurer’s report from Dave McKenna along with a few updates from members.

Dave McKenna gives the Treasurer’s report at the July 1st meeting. There had been thunderstorms and heavy rains on and off all day, but at about 6:00 pm the skies cleared for a beautiful summer evening.